Science begets knowledge

Dangerous pathogenic bacteria are circulating around our Tasmanian community and it is making a lot of people really sick. It is responsible for numerous painful and life threatening conditions and the laboratories in Tasmania can't even detect it. It is estimated that up to 25% of the population are affected by it and the Tasmanian medical staff don't even recognize it, in fact when I challenged the medical practitioners whom I was seeing, their answer was not to set foot in their practice again!

For 3 years I have tried to find the cause of my family's illness and for all those years all as I have had is negative laboratory results. This changed however when I sent a stool sample to a private laboratory at the Melbourne University in July 2013. Around the same time I sent a stool sample to North West Pathology which again returned a negative result and was contradictory to the result from Melbourne University. I now have the likely cause of our problems facing me in black and white. Imagine my surprise when my local GP told me it was irrelevant as it was alternative and outside the medical system. A research lab from one of our premier educational institutes ... REALLY!!

If you or somebody you know suffers from the conditions listed hereafter, then I have supplied published documents for you to download and take to your GP. This is not advice, but they are scientific facts that have been researched by some of the best universities around the world and I feel need to be taken seriously. The trouble is that we can't get treatment because the commercial laboratory's don't have the right tests in order to obtain a positive result. All as you get back is normal flora. I therefore need your help to bring this to their attention; it is time we started to get value for money in our medical system. A novel approach to save money and free up the backlog and waiting lists, cure people and get them out of long term treatment.

If you suffer from the following, it seems more can be done than just manage your symptoms.

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  • Ulcerative Colitis.
  • Chrohns Disease.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Recurrent unexplained vaginal symptoms (Aerobic Vaginitis).
  • Recurrent Thrush (Aerobic Vaginitis).
  • Spontaneous pre-term delivery.
  • Unidentifiable infertility.
  • Chronic Prostatitis.
  • Unexplained Urethritis.
  • Chronic cough and asthma.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.
  • Insomnia.
  • Kidney Disease.
  • Anaemia.
  • Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism.
  • Other conditions.

These conditions can all be due to colonization (not infection) of Enterococcus. Our medical people here in Tasmania don't even consider enterococcus dangerous; enterococcus is classed as 'opportunistic'. The reality is that enterococcus is a stealth invasion force armed with genetic material that allows them to invade, spread and create a toxic environment that is more suitable for other pathogens than the good bacteria that should be there.

To put the whole problem simply, you will see in the information provided, these bacteria are able to evade the body's first line defences and invade and live within the cells of the mucous membranes. i.e. The inside of the eye lids, the inside of the nose, mouth, throat, vagina, urethra and bowel. They carry with them toxins which either damage or destroy the mucous membrane cells. As a result the body releases a cytokine called interleukin 6 that causes inflammation at the site of the invasion. This attracts antibodies to fight the bacteria in order to try and stop them from entering the body further. To counteract the inflammation another cytokine interleukin 10 is released which is the anti-inflammatory response and helps to control the amount of antibodies released.

Now the problem is that up to 20% of people have a genetic condition and are interleukin 10 deficient. This means that the body is in continuous inflammation and over produces antibodies when pathogenic enterococcus enter the system. These people like my family and me for instance, have a severe reaction to the enterococcus invasion. The oversupply of antibodies and interleukin 6 damages internal organs, joints and the central nervous system. There is also a link between prolonged high levels of interleukin 6 in your blood and cancer.

Whether you are interleukin 10 defficient or not, increased levels of pro inflammatory interlekin 6 in your body for extended periods results in serious long term health conditions!

The worse thing about all this is that enterococcus is a superbug. It is multi drug resistant and it has the ability to become more resistant if it is not treated in the right manner. It has the ability to share genetic material with other bacteria of differnet species. This allows it to be more efficient in its invasion and gives it further antibiotic resistance. Enterococcus also gives genetic material which allows the other bactreria to copy the way the enterococcus works, resulting in an army of bad bacteria that make you sick but you don't even know it.

Our very own hospitals have been promoting how low the infection/detection rates of superbugs are in their facilities. Well it seems the testing procedures are flawed and will always return false negatives to low level infections or inflammation with non-hemolytic bacteria such as enterococcus.

How safe therefore are our hospitals really???

Enterococcus is easy to catch; it is passed on through close personal contact such as shaking hands, or by touching an infected surface as it can live for weeks outside the body. Enterococcus can be transferred during kissing and sex, but it is not an STD and can be transferred from mother to baby at birth. Enterococcus is one of the most dangerous bacteria on the planet!

Enterococcus is also known as the 'flesh eating bug'!

What Does Pathogenic Mean?

Normal flora bacteria have a symbiotic relationship with humans. They attach onto cell receptors which are like ambillical cords and there is some sort of mutual benefit between the bacteria and the cells. When the bacteria are attached onto the cells in this manner, they are away from the immune system and can live happily, this is where probiotics are useful as they try to push the bad bacteria away and attach onto the receptors themselves. The only way these normal flora can hurt you is if the mucus layer is damaged and they have access to the underlying cells and bloodstream. This is how an infection happens when you cut or scratch yourself.

When a normal bacteria becomes pathogenic, it has an enzyme that allows it to dissolve the epathelial barrier and then have access to the underlying cells which it then invades. It no longer needs the receptors to cling onto the epathelial barrier and the bacteria can live inside the cell resulting in cell damage or death and thus causing your body to react. This includes inflammation and the release of antibodies to combat the invaders.

Enterococcus and viridans streptococcus are considered non pathogenic or opportunistic and are classed as normal flora. BUT studies have shown that over 60% of isolated strains contain an enzyme called gelatinase which allows the bacteria to dissolve the epithelial layer and enter the cell. As these bacteria contain toxins such as lippopolysaccharides, cytolysin, mytolysin and hylaundranise, they are able to damage and destroy the cells which in turn causes the inflammation.

This new relationship is not picked up by laboratory testing. And taking short courses of antibiotics just makes the situation worse if the bacteria are not being killed off completely. Some of these bugs are what cause plaque on teeth, they cause ulcers and tooth decay, you may develop something called geographic tongue, burning or dryness in your mouth, and the most popular one is chronic sore throat or persistant cough... You now have a superbug and it has the potential to make you really sick, but your doctor will tell you there is nothing there! 


If you are a male like me and have suffered from prostatitis then I know what you are going through. If you or your sex partner also has stomach problems there is a possibility that the same bugs are messing with your prostate. Just try however, to get a urologist to agree!

The prostate is like a sponge and it is full of simple sugars, an incredible feast for a sugar eating bacteria like enterococcus. Now here is the thing, pathogenic enterococcus form what is known as biofilms in the prostate (and other areas such as the bowel). A biofilm is basically a cluster of bacteria that cling together forming something similar to a mushroom that is attached to the prostate tissue. The bad news is that these mushrooms block up the ducts within the prostate and they don't come out. The more pathogenic the bacteria, the stronger the bonds within the biofilm, the less likely you are to get any sort of positive result from growth. To make matters worse, the commercial laboratory test does not target enterococcus and many other biofilm forming, sugar eating pathogenic strains of bacteria. The laboratory looks for an infection. That is an overgrowth of a known pathogen that can be readily seen.

Unfortunately reality is actually quite different, there can be multiple bacteria strains living in your prostate and any one of them can cause the release of interleukin 6 which causes the prostate inflammation.

So while the offending bacteria are there, your prostate is going to continue to hurt.

Now something else for you to talk to your urologist about is the odour from the prostate discharge. When some of these different sugar eating bugs consume or ferment the sugar in your prostate, you end up with the same problem that you have in your bowel. That is hydrogen sulphide or rotten egg gas (flatulence). The only thing is that the bacteria living in the prostate are in a liquid so the gas is dissolved causing the prostate or urethral discharge to smell bad.

Ask your urologist exactly what bacteria does the growth plate target when looking for these bugs, if he/she says everything, they are lying. If the commercial laboratory test comes back negative, then ask your urologist to send your sample to a private lab for a 5+ day growth and for any available PCR testing. There is on average 7 species of bacteria in prostate fluids so how could the result be that there is nothing there??

Any bacteria that is pathogenic which stimulates the release of interleukin 6 and gets in your prostate will cause an inflammation just by living there. This is not an infection, but will lead to chronic prostatitis. 

Furthermore, high levels of interleukin 6 in the seminal fluid results in male infertility!

And if you don't treat your sex partner as well, it will never go away.  

Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Crohns/Ulcerative Colitis
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This is an area where the science is getting really interesting. The general opinion was that these conditions exist because of some lifestyle factors or psychological issues. The latest research suggests that these conditions may in fact be caused by an invasion of pathogenic bacteria that are becoming genetically stronger than the good bacteria and are able to avoid the body's first line of defences. They become an invasion force and it doesn't matter how much yoghurt or how many probiotics you take; you can't get rid of them.

Once the invasion force enters the bowel and invades the intestine walls, it sets up an environment that is toxic for the good guys; it is much like using chemical warfare against the resident bacteria. You may start with a feeling of bloating or gastric reflux. You may have cramping and pain that gets worse after eating particular foods. You may have unusual and irregular bowel movements.  

As the invasion strengthens your body responds by releasing interleukin 6 and the army of antibodies to try and stop the attacking enterococcus. Imagine your intestinal walls like a brick wall, as the invasion continues enterococcus starts dissolving (Lysing) the bricks using the inbuilt toxins such as gelatinase, hyaluronidase and cytolysin. Some of the bricks get damaged, the mortar between them weakens and you end up with gaps and holes in the wall. This results in a condition known as increased intestine permeability, or a 'leaky gut'.

The holes that are created can also result in ulcers and sores and in severe cases giving rise to conditions such as crohn's disease or colitis. Once you have holes in your bowel all sorts of nasties and toxic gasses are allowed to have access to your bloodstream. By entering your blood stream you are basically then being poisoned by your own poo. And that will make you really sick! Add in there the body's fight against the invading enterococcus and you have a body that is not going to do very well. You will have a severely reduced quality of life and probably an early death.

You may develop insomnia, mood swings and unusual pain in your muscles and joints. You may be depressed or suffer from anxiety. Your doctor will tell you however that you have conditions such as Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibro Myalgia or that it is just plain and simply all in your head.

Other bacteria such as Streptococcus and Staphlyococcus work in similar ways in the intestine, and when you get them all together, then it gets really bad. 

If you suffer from any of the bowel conditions, or are just generally curious, the laboratory at Melbourne University is Bioscreen, phone: 03 9349 5933. The initial tests are $328 not claimable on Medicare but you don't need a doctor's authorization.

I am not affiliated to these in any way, but they are conducting life changing research here in Australia.

Aerobic Vaginitis

This is a condition that seems to be unknown and it is not able to be diagnosed as the commercial laboratory tests cannot identify enterococcus unless they are in large numbers. Again they invade the host but this time they lie in wait for menstruation as it is during this time the vagina PH raises and makes the environment more welcoming for the awaiting enterococcus. It invades the cervix and the vagina's mucous lining causing the release of interleukin 6 once again.

The toxins produced by the enterococcus and the chemicals released make for an environment that is not a good place for the usual vaginal inhabitants resulting in a win to the bad guys and a very sore and unhappy lady.

The really nasty thing with this is the damage it can do to the unborn baby. Those that do not have active symptoms won't even know that they have enterococcus. Even when the miscarriage happens or you can't get pregnant at all you still will not know. The fertility drugs, the IVF, the constant disappointment and failure may be because of bacteria that just aren't taken seriously!

Streptococcus and Staphylococcus species also act in similar ways.


Have you ever been told that your arthritis is hereditary? I bet somebody you know has! You are going to want to read the articles that I have supplied because the medical professionals have no idea. It is not hereditary as such, interleukin 6 is the major player in the pathogenisis of arthritis. What causes high levels of interleukin 6 in the body? Pathogenic bacteria such as enterococci and Streptococci. So your hereditary arthritis all of a sudden becomes a condition that is the result of a bacterial infection that you picked up from your mother at birth! I just wonder what your doctor is going to say about that? Maybe they have a different opinion ..... I give you scientific fact!

Looking for it hower will only turn you inside out, as I said the commercial laboratories can't identify what the cause is and the doctors won't cure it! But they could if they really wanted to ..... maybe they will if enough people start speaking out demanding action ..... I am!

Kidney Disease

Post infectious glomerulonephritis is a condition where the kidneys are attacked by the antibodies that are produced to beat an infection, and your kidneys to begin to fail. The correct term for these are antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCA's) and they form as a result of infection. Early signs of this condition is a rise in blood pressure and foamy or frothy urine due to excessive protein being passed. As it progresses your ankles, wrists or face may show signs of swelling. Your urine will further change and start showing signs of blood at which point the damage done to your kidneys is irreversible.

The next stage is full renal failure, dialysis, kidney transplant and then an early death!

When I asked to have these antibody tests done I was told that our lab could not do it!

Thyroid Disease

Now here's something for you to contemplate. There are 2 types of autoimmune thyroid problems, that being Hoshimoto's and Graves Disease. These conditions are where the body's autoimmune system attacks the thyroid gland and/or the thyroid hormones. As a result you have conditions known as hyothyroidism or hyperthyroidism with or without a goiter (swollen thyroid gland). In these conditions there is elevated levels of interlekin 6 found in the bloodstream. As previously stated interleukin 6 is the pro-inflammatoiry response that is released during an invasion of pathogenic bacteria. The scientific papers I have included show that the autoimmune response causes damage to other organs such as the pancreas and kidneys. An autoimmune response can attack the thyroid gland and the hormones it produces.

Why haven't our medical people and researches picked up these links? The autoimmune response to these pathogenic enterococcus is causing serious disease and life threatening conditions that are a tremendous cost to the community. 

People who have pathogenic enterococcus are now very sick, or you will be sometime in the future!

The Double Whammy

As I have previously mentioned, enterococcus share their genetic material (plasmid's) with other bacteria species. This enables the other bacteria to invade your body and live off it more efficiently but in doing so making your condition worse. You may start getting unusual skin conditions such as cellulitis, impetigo, pimples or boils, or even unusual painful sores. You may have other conditions such as a chronic cough or sore throat or asthma and bronchitis like symtoms. This is because these pathogenic bacteria have invaded your body, and are causing an inflammation and are giving you grief. Your immune system goes into overload as it now has battles on all these different fronts.

Invading enterococcus teaches other bacteria like streptococcus and staphlyococcus how to invade and live off you more efficiently and making it harder for the good bacteria to compete.

Stand Up Action

If you are like me and sick of being told it is all in your head, you have no physiological problem just a psychological problem, or you can expect this at your age, then the medical people who have told you that need to be held accountable. The medical services in Tasmania are not world's best practice, they fail to meet the needs of the patients and are clogged up with out of date opinions of so called professionals that refuse to see what is really happening within their industry. The department of health has failed in its duty to control a dangerous pathogen which has gone unchecked and has been allowed to spread freely amongst the population. It is time to make the medical profession accountable for their actions but particularly their lack of action.

"There are in fact two things, science and opinion;
the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance!"

I can't believe that a whole industry can obtain a lucrative government contract (Medicare) and be paid without fail and aren't held accountable to worlds best practice and scientific fact!

Outdated opinions, unreliable laboratory testing = A WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY and serious long term health issues!!

And an industry that ensures it's own survival and maintains it's lucrative income by 'managing symptoms' and keeping us sick enough so we have to keep going back for treatment. The rest of us live in reality and we want to be cured!!

I am making a stand, albeit on my own, and I am prepared to be heard no matter what the cost as I am disillusioned and angry at the way that my family and I have been tormented and mistreated. If you keep kicking a dog while it is down, eventually it is going to bite back! This is me biting back! Every other industry is being told to look locally but act globally and implement world's best practice in order to survive. How come our medical professionals can get away with using old fashioned opinions and out-dated testing procedures when they are messing with our lives!!! Have a look at what tests are available in the United States and what they consider pathogens. These tests aren't growth tests, they are PCR and look for bacterial genetic material rather than trying to grow them. I personally want to know are their any medical people out there who truly care about achieving positive outcomes??

What I have given you here is a basic understanding of the science associated with the colonization of this overlooked and underestimated virulent pathogen. All the papers I have found are here for you to download and take to your GP, Urologist, Gastroenterologist, Dermatologist, Rheumatologist and any other specialist that has given you some out of date excuse (opinion) as to why your body is doing what it is. Some of them may be a little scientific, but don't be baffled by it ..... Stand up for your right to receive the best medical treatment available rather than outdated opinions!

Bioscreen Medical is a good place to start building your case if you wish to make a difference to your health. But be prepared, as your doctors will find your efforts disturbing and may try to have you committed. But they can't put all of us away!

Contact me if you have a story to tell, need help, wish to be a part of the legal action or you are a medical professional who really wants to help as some of us are very ill and badly need treatment.